Antibiotic resistance.

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Antibiotic Resistance.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers antibiotic resistance to be one of the biggest threats to health around the world. Like the COVID-19 pandemic, antibiotic resistance is a global health emergency.

The overuse of antibiotics has made them less effective and has led to the emergence of “superbugs”. Bacteria are becoming resistant to the antibiotics we take and common antibiotics no longer work against these resistant bacteria.

If we don’t take antibiotics correctly today, we make it more likely they will no longer work in the future.

This means we will need more expensive medicines. Illness and treatment will take longer, and may need a trip to hospital. Without effective antibiotics to prevent and treat infections, organ transplants, chemotherapy and surgeries such as Caesarean sections will become more dangerous.

It might seem hard to imagine how this could affect us, especially if we are fit and well. But the danger is that antibiotic treatments may no longer work when we need them. We have all seen how global health risks can affect our daily lives.

If we don’t act now, antibiotic resistance could impact our daily life for years to come.

Small changes in how we use antibiotics today can make a difference to the future of the life-saving treatments that need them.

We don’t always need antibiotics. Let’s keep them working for when we do.

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