Appointment information

a calendar with red push buttons pinned to it Total appointments available in May – 3343

doctor holding red stethoscope Dr’s appointments face to face – 1593

black rotary phone on white table Telephone appointments – 447

person holding white ballpoint pen Nurses & HCA appointments – 982

Doctor Home Visit | Doctor Visit at Home | Click2Clinic Home visits – 84

Rethinking ‘Did Not Attend’ Did Not attend – 132

  • GP – 56
  • Nurse – 10
  • HCA – 50

This was equal to: over 22 hours!!

If you are not able to attend your appointment for any reason, please do let us know, so that your appointment time can be used by somebody else.

If you provide us with an up-to-date mobile number, we can send you appointment reminders by text.